Record keeping

Kurmhol (Dead), Teg, Kaylee, Alinar, Braka(New)
Activated Light house (Dwarfs End)
Explored the dungeon in sewers, killed rat king and retreated
Ranger killed, but opted for curse for a ressurection. (No longer has dark vision)

XP: 1025
No loot

Braka, Cleric, Teg, Earnest Leatherman (?), Warlock (?)

Spent the day exploring

XP: 1440
Gold: 248g 2s

Braka, Alinar, Kaylee, Korvus (Paladin, Matt)

Went to district west of Sonata. DANGER DANGER DANGER!
Spent the day exploring
XP: none
Gold: 126gp
Kept barrels of sulfirc acid

Alinar, Teg, Kaylee, Ernest Leatherman, Braka

Bought Bag of Holding (Braka)
Fully explored the dungeon, Found an Immovable Rod, and a Magic Dagger (Kaylee)

XP: 660
Gold: 220

(Braka – 310g)
Braka, Teg, Alinar, Altan
Used 1 of magic beans. Gave 8 ripe potions, (1 eaten), 1 poison potion
We went to explore the sewers beneath the tanner village. They were creating a god from the flesh of humans. We burnt the god alive and were cursed. The curse gives -1 cha, -1 con, and makes tanners attack on site and focus on those cursed.

XP: 2000
Loot: Withering Staff (Braka)

Kaylee, Alinar, Altan, Braka

We went back down to the God Body room to try and lift the cures. Heavy Tanner patrols and guards kept use away. After killing many of them we had to retreat without getting to do it. We went around the district warning people of the tanner threat, who had since their god died cut off all contact with the outside world and presumable killed those people who had been residing at their village. We scavenged more of the surronding area near the village and were waylaid by tanners. Adventuring was more dangerous because of the tanner threat. So we opted to scavenge and sell loot for more.

We tried to go south from Ambergris however 2 hexes away into the stone district a group of heavily armed dwarves, the Thunderhammers, had set up a toll booth and were taking quite a share of profit from adventurers, as well as charging for adventuring fees. We scoffed at paying them and left.

The Tanner threat must be eliminated for good.
XP: 300
Gold: 158g, 7s, 5c
Loot: Potion of Climbing

Braka, Teg, +others

Explored, met 2 magical dueling armor. It took over a character, managed to contain in the bag of holding.

XP: 900
Gold: 493g, 8s
Potion of Climbing

Braka, Kaylee, Alinar +3 others

Met the bird people, they are a regency in exile apparently.
XP: 1033
Gold: -30g

Braka, Grisel, Matthew, Alinar, Billy
Resolved the issue between Thunderhammer Dwarves and The Kenku people. Angered a large giant.

We are friends of the Thunderhammers

XP: 810

Braka, Grisel, Matthew

Looted the long forgotten fountain, and cleared out the reclamation center.

XP: 3500
Gold: 1702g, 3s, 3c
Magic items: Scroll of Waterbreathing, Narntorni Scroll Fragment, 20 +1 sling bullets.

Kaylee, Alinar, Matthew, Braka, Billy
Took on the giant and killed it! Were saved by a unicorn.

XP: 3038
Gold: 705 (Braka -42g)
Items: Wand – Black with white spiders, plain hat, bag made of red cloth

Billy, Matthew, Braka, Griselle

Founded an outpost, Ocean View…on top of a kenku thieves lair.

XP: None
Gold: -50g

3 magic fruit remain

Known magical/useful items
Potion of Healing(2)
Potion of Giant Strength (Cleric)
Bag of Gray Tricks (Alinar)
Decanter of Endless Water (Alttan)
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing (Kaylee)
Philter of Love
Pil of Slipperness
Potion of Climbing(2)
Oddity (12 i think)
Hairpin Oddity
Gardening Oddity
Scroll of Locate Object
Scroll of Entangle (2) (Alinar)
Barrels of Sulfiric Acid
Bag of Holding(Braka)
+1 Magic Dagger (Kaylee)
Withering Staff (Braka)

Eighth Adventure

The bad news. Kurmhol died, got turned into jelly, a pressure washer is needed to collect his corpse. The good news. The lighthouse works, the gas was reignited and the light shines throughout the harbor district. Also people can breath in through their nostrils again, the horrid greasy smell seems to have gone.

A new member joined the explorers. His name is Braka he is Kurmhol older, smarter, and more handsome brother.

The party happened upon a dungeon and nearly got overwhelmed by rats early into it. A horde of hungry kitties helped to take care of the rat problem and we retreated regrouped for the evening.

Also the Lighthouse is now called Dwarfs End.


1025 XP

Seventh Adventure

The party made their way up to the Government District to find out more information about THE CONTRACT. After spending all day getting there and looting the path we found THE CONTRACT and set on destroying it. It was easier then expected, a sharp halberd blade did the trick. With the large amount of profitable goods we gained we spent the gold on constructing a safe house in the district (The Sinatra) and a supply route from the Canvas Mushroom.

We then delved south to check out the results of destroying THE CONTRACT. All the undead ceased their labor for good. The Paladin went after the seemingly impossible task of giving them all a proper send off. The smell of burning corpses will be smelt for weeks. We then did some more exploring and set up a safe house (Ambergris) and trade route from the harbor area at the rendering plant.

We raced north again to investigate the Light House. We were greeted by some ghosts that seemed nice.

Party Members (All have a stake in The Sonata and Ambergris safe houses)
(Insert party members and loot rewards)

2500 xp
56gp 6sp 6 cp

Sixth Adventure

We took on the orchestra, there was pie.

3500 xp
137gp 1sp 7cp

Fifth Adventure

The party first delved into the sewer. Will add more later.

Fourth Expedition

Immediately the adventurers set out to help rid the tanners of their mistake. It turned out to be two large creatures constructed of baby parts. Horrifying. Some members of the party regretted use of their soul for testing after death. The abominations were easily killed though and a hefty reward was doled out for our work. After a days rest the party set out to the south, an even worse stench then the tanner district was being smelled and sightings of undead were reported. The tanners would not permit us to delve into the sewers at their camp, suspicion of them continues to grow. We chanced upon a floating ship which the party was just able board and control and we took it to a rendering plant that has grease spilling into the streets and a plethora of undead delivering bodies and removing waste from the plant. After some exploring their were notes found regarding THE CONTRACT, and the metal plaque above the door to the rendering plant is some sort of unknown magical being. Discretion was the better part of valor as the group fled for the night. They learned of a district to the north which they might learn more about THE CONTRACT.

1004 XP
104gp, 2sp in gold, goods and jewelry as well as three unknown potions. A transparent liquid with a large fingernail, rose hued effervescent potion with a heart shaped bubble, and one of some sticky black unguent.

Third Expedition

A small gnome joined the adventuring group who claimed to see into the future. Doubts about her powers came over the party as it walked into an ambush by humanoid creatures made of leather. Her ability to catch arrows was well documented. After surviving the ambush the group made contact with a seemingly more friendly group of leather made creatures. They would offer shelter and would buy goods from the adventurers for 75% of the value, of course only if they could collect souls once we died, after some bargaining they relented for the most part. They also had a creation of theirs go bad and needed help in disposing of it.

They are a suspicious group.

Earned: 716 XP and 9gp, 2 ep, 9 sp, 37cp

Second Expedition
Return to the Canvas Mushroom

After being run off during the last adventure the party mustered their forces and returned to the Canvas mushroom. After the bard and the paladin failed to climb the rope safety into the mushroom siphon they were hurled into the spore pit and a fight ensued. The 6 threadapede warriors nearly killed the party again but the rogue and druid saved the day. Having killed the mushrooms natural defenders and devising a way to regulate the pressure inside the mushroom using relief values made of oaken barrels they made it a safe place to rest and form an outpost. After searching inside the spore pit they managed to find a few wondrous magical items and valuable loot.

GM: Galen

Drow Rogue (Angela)
Dwarf Druid (Dave)
Elf Ranger (Jason)
Half-Elf Bard (Gary)
Human Cleric (Mike)
Half-Orc Paladin (Brian)

1000 XP
53.25 gp per player
1 point of renown with the Hearthhammers
Bag of tricks -Grey (Ranger)
Gloves of Climbing (Rogue)

First Expedition
Leaving the harbor

The party was given a clue of an Adventure Site by the Hearthammer guild and asked to clear it so they could establish an outpost. Along the way they explored 3 tiles. In one they met some stuck scavengers who needed help freeing their loot. In another they found an entrance to The Fractal House and the drow rogue had its mysteries engrained upon her mind. In the final tile they found the Canvas Mushroom, a colossal inflated structure covering an entire neighborhood. Inside they fought Threadapedes but had to retreat by cutting a hole out of the mushroom. Afterwards they returned to the harbor.

GM: Galen

Drow Rogue (Angela)
Elf Ranger (Jason)
Dwarf Druid (Dave)
Half-Elf Bard (Gary)
Dwarf Cleric (Jani)

250 XP
23 gp, 2 sp per player
1 Twisted Mind Reward (Rogue)
1 Tome of Pruning (Cleric)

Arrivale at Narntorni
Part 2 of Introductory adventure

Thanks mostly in part to the storm cleric first mate of the Singing Start the party was able to successfully outsail the pursuing Longboatsmen. By cutting through the path of an tropical storm they made it to the island first and secured the chain house that controlled access to the only harbor. Now the Hearthhammer trading company has the upper-hand in negotiating terms with the other corporations who will undoubtedly come to exploit the islands treasures.

GM: Galen

Drow Rogue (Angela)
Dwarf Druid (Dave)
Half-Elf Bard (Gary)
Human Cleric (Mike)

200 XP
100 gp per player
1 point of renown with the Hearthhammers


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