First Expedition

Leaving the harbor

The party was given a clue of an Adventure Site by the Hearthammer guild and asked to clear it so they could establish an outpost. Along the way they explored 3 tiles. In one they met some stuck scavengers who needed help freeing their loot. In another they found an entrance to The Fractal House and the drow rogue had its mysteries engrained upon her mind. In the final tile they found the Canvas Mushroom, a colossal inflated structure covering an entire neighborhood. Inside they fought Threadapedes but had to retreat by cutting a hole out of the mushroom. Afterwards they returned to the harbor.

GM: Galen

Drow Rogue (Angela)
Elf Ranger (Jason)
Dwarf Druid (Dave)
Half-Elf Bard (Gary)
Dwarf Cleric (Jani)

250 XP
23 gp, 2 sp per player
1 Twisted Mind Reward (Rogue)
1 Tome of Pruning (Cleric)



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