Fourth Expedition


Immediately the adventurers set out to help rid the tanners of their mistake. It turned out to be two large creatures constructed of baby parts. Horrifying. Some members of the party regretted use of their soul for testing after death. The abominations were easily killed though and a hefty reward was doled out for our work. After a days rest the party set out to the south, an even worse stench then the tanner district was being smelled and sightings of undead were reported. The tanners would not permit us to delve into the sewers at their camp, suspicion of them continues to grow. We chanced upon a floating ship which the party was just able board and control and we took it to a rendering plant that has grease spilling into the streets and a plethora of undead delivering bodies and removing waste from the plant. After some exploring their were notes found regarding THE CONTRACT, and the metal plaque above the door to the rendering plant is some sort of unknown magical being. Discretion was the better part of valor as the group fled for the night. They learned of a district to the north which they might learn more about THE CONTRACT.

1004 XP
104gp, 2sp in gold, goods and jewelry as well as three unknown potions. A transparent liquid with a large fingernail, rose hued effervescent potion with a heart shaped bubble, and one of some sticky black unguent.



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