Second Expedition

Return to the Canvas Mushroom

After being run off during the last adventure the party mustered their forces and returned to the Canvas mushroom. After the bard and the paladin failed to climb the rope safety into the mushroom siphon they were hurled into the spore pit and a fight ensued. The 6 threadapede warriors nearly killed the party again but the rogue and druid saved the day. Having killed the mushrooms natural defenders and devising a way to regulate the pressure inside the mushroom using relief values made of oaken barrels they made it a safe place to rest and form an outpost. After searching inside the spore pit they managed to find a few wondrous magical items and valuable loot.

GM: Galen

Drow Rogue (Angela)
Dwarf Druid (Dave)
Elf Ranger (Jason)
Half-Elf Bard (Gary)
Human Cleric (Mike)
Half-Orc Paladin (Brian)

1000 XP
53.25 gp per player
1 point of renown with the Hearthhammers
Bag of tricks -Grey (Ranger)
Gloves of Climbing (Rogue)



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