Seventh Adventure


The party made their way up to the Government District to find out more information about THE CONTRACT. After spending all day getting there and looting the path we found THE CONTRACT and set on destroying it. It was easier then expected, a sharp halberd blade did the trick. With the large amount of profitable goods we gained we spent the gold on constructing a safe house in the district (The Sinatra) and a supply route from the Canvas Mushroom.

We then delved south to check out the results of destroying THE CONTRACT. All the undead ceased their labor for good. The Paladin went after the seemingly impossible task of giving them all a proper send off. The smell of burning corpses will be smelt for weeks. We then did some more exploring and set up a safe house (Ambergris) and trade route from the harbor area at the rendering plant.

We raced north again to investigate the Light House. We were greeted by some ghosts that seemed nice.

Party Members (All have a stake in The Sonata and Ambergris safe houses)
(Insert party members and loot rewards)

2500 xp
56gp 6sp 6 cp



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