Departure of the Singing Star
5e Introductory Adventure

Offered a secret mission by Silas Hearthhammer the party restored the Singing Star so they can sail to a mysterious island. They refused an offer from the Longboatmen to betray their employer and defended the ship from some ruffians who wanted to steal a chest containing unknown magical materials. They departed in the middle of the night.

Drow Rogue (Andrea)
Elf Ranger
Elf Wizard (Ryan)
Half-Orc Paladin (Brian)
Half-Elf Bard (Gary)

200 XP
150 GP distributed amongst the party
1 Renown Point with the Hearthhammer Trading Company

History of Nautlantis
From founding until the raising of the dome

I’ve adapted the historical outline from the Microscope game and recorded most of the metadata.


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