Botomancy District

The Botomancy district is the home of the agriculture, horticulture, and other disciplines devoted to the creation and cultivation of plant life. The primary domestic source for food and lumber for Narntorni it towers above it’s neighbors.

Random Encounters

Roll Encounter
20 Sailing Trees
18-19 Close Encounters of the Plant Kind
16-17 Invisible Warfare
14-15 Unlabled Garden
12-13 Nettle forest
11-12 Pollen Clouds
10 Rapid Decay
9 Rapid Growth
8 Enslaved Scavengers
7 Plant Torturers
5-6 Carnivorous Plant Ambush
3-4 Myconid Agents
2 Other District Encounter
≤1 Roll twice

Tiles of Note

Tile CR Adventure Note
Pumping Station Prime
Underground The Aquifer
3-19 Arborspire
3-20 Water Intake and Purification
3-7 8 Cloning Garden
Grove of Enslavement
The Grafting Lab




Botomancy District

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