Eternal Duel

Eternal Duel

Something in the sky sparkles catching your eye. It is soon joined by several more glittering shards describing a graceful arc through the sky. As you watch this cloud of strange objects fly it begins to alter it’s path and suddenly it’s flying straight at you.

Initial Assembly

Target: One character not wearing metal armor

The objects resolve into the pieces of a magnificent suit of armor. It flies straight at you and the pieces start slamming against your body. A bracer clamps around your arm, a pauldron locks onto your shoulder, and the greaves assemble themselves around your legs.

The target must make a DC 18 Strength saving throw. On a success the character enters a grapple with the armor, proceed to Struggle for Control. On a failure it instantly surrounds the character enclosing him in the suit, proceed to the Armor Amok.

Struggle for Control

The character is struggling to keep the armor from fully forming requires the party to succeed on 3 DC 16 Strength checks before failing three times. Party members can assist one another to rip the armor off. If they accumulate too many failures the armor full assembles and then the encounter proceeds to Armor Amok. If they succeed there is a 50% chance the armor will either try to escape or attempt to attach to another eligible member of the party until it has tried every eligible member once.

If it flees the party can try to make a DC20 Athletics or Acrobatics check to grapple the pieces to prevent it from escaping. Keeping it captured will require creativity and dedication but it gains the party a suit of Untamed Summoned Champion Armor.

Armor Amok

The armor immediately starts sprinting at its full speed (50 ft per round) to an adjacent hex. It is a DC 20 grapple check to stop the armor in its tracks. Any failure causes the character attempting the check to go flying as the armor throws him or her aside, causing them to take 2d6 bludgeoning damage. If the party cannot or will not accumulate 3 success before 4 failures it reaches its destination.

The sprinting armor turns a corner and bursts into an open and airy plaza. In the center of the plaza stands an imposing figure in a pitch black suit of spiked armor. Faint cries of “help me” can be heard escaping it’s helmet. The black suit draws it’s enormous obsidian great-axe, while the silver suit containing your ally steps boldly to a adamantine great sword sticking from the cobbles. They take up battle stances on either side of the plaza and begin to circle one another…

Duel Commences

While in the armor the entrapped PC has the statblock of a Githyanki Knight as does the black armored opponent. Roll initiative and begin combat, the two armors will fight each other ignoring all opponents. While inside the armor the PC takes half of the damage dealt to the armor and he cannot be targeted separately from the armor. The armors will only begin attacking the PCs if they interrupt the duel but will stop to face each other once again if the PCs retreat. The armor can be removed by successfully grappling the armor and completing 3 DC 16 strength checks or by being hit with Dispel magic. If it fails it constitution saving throw it falls off it’s target is rendered unconscious and inanimate for 1 minute. Armor removed in either fashion can be restrained from attacking future targets by putting it inside a weighted container (or bag of holding).

If either of the armors are reduced to zero hit points it immediately falls off the wearer (or wearers corpse) and falls to the ground for one minute after which it flies away to seek out its next target. The remaining armor will stand waiting will not attack anyone unless they attack it or meddle with it’s fallen foe.

Eternal Duel

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