Kenku Tricksters

Kenku Tricksters

Rating: Difficult

As you pass through this neighborhood you hear faint, but distinct, cries for help. Making your way towards the crier reveals 2 porters. They look disheveled and exhausted, and both becoming hoarse from yelling. Next to them is a non distinct building, with a stone archway. Just inside it is a featureless blank wall. “Oh thank the gods you’ve heard my calls. There were some little golem creatures that came through while we were resting inside and they sealed off half of our team and all of our loot!”

The porters refuse to enter the building if the PCs go inside. They don’t want to get trapped in their like their friends. They throw out tips. “Maybe if you all push on the wall.” “Did anyone bring a pickax.” “Can you blow it up?” They will not help if asked.

DC 15 perception to hear the faint cries of the people trapped in the room.
DC 23 perception to notice that the cries are coming from one of the porters you talked to.

After a few minutes and a few tries to attempt breach the wall, all failing. The porters stick their heads inside the doorway. “Well thanks for trying?” They say with a laugh, and with a short cast of a spell the doorway quickly solidifies, the tip of a beak the last thing that is visible from the outside world before being plunged into pitch black. The cackling of kenku laughter can be heard for a time before fading away.

  • The former entrance way looks like the rest of the wall – there is a minor illusion on it
  • DC 15 slieght of hand – you can feel a thin gap where the wall doesn’t meet cleanly
  • DC 20 perception check – the wall sounds less thick when knocking on it on it

Beating on the former entrance with bludgeoning weapons and dealing at least 20 damage will break it. Damage is not visible.
DC 20 Strength checks can push the fake wall out of the opening

Kenku Tricksters

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