Lithomancy District

The Lithomancy district is the home of Masons, Blacksmiths, Jewelers, and potters.

Random Encounters

Roll Encounter
20 Tiny Golden Man
19 A Penny Saved
18 Inactive Lifter Souls
17 Tanner Thieves
15-16 Kenku Thieves
13-14 Reverse Demolition
12 Glass Menagerie
11 Trapped Porters
10 Pottery Barn
9 Loose Reclaimers
8 Walled in
7 Kenku Tricksters
5-6 Gelatinous Polytope
3-4 Eternal Duel
2 Other District Encounter
≤1 Roll twice

Tiles of Note

Tile CR Adventure Note
2-1 The Collapsed Bridge
2-3 The Gates
2-8 Reclamation Center
2-10U Sapper Headquarters
2-12 Aerie of the Kenku
2-15 Smithy
2-16U Temple of Moradin
2-17 Fountain Plaza
2-18 Lair of Xozimos the Arsenic Dragon
2-21 The Gates
2-28 Ballistics Factory
2-30U Abandoned Gem Mine
2-31 Colossus




Lithomancy District

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