Tiny Golden Man

Tiny Golden Man

Rating: Benign

Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a little golden figurine trapped under a stone block in the ruins of a building.

If the party gets closer:

You see that the figurine is animated, and gesticulating wildly at you. He is a tiny golden man about six inches tall dressed in a golden suit and bearing a golden goatee. He has tiny little spectacles with sapphire lenses.

If the party removes the rock, he can be captured and sold for a princely sum (1,000gp). Alternatively, if the party lets him go, there is a 25% chance that he will appear and guide the party away from disaster when they roll a 5 or less on the random encounter table in this district.

He is mute, but he understands spoken Narntorni. He can also write Narntorni, given an appropriate implement. He can’t tell the party much: all he knows is that, some long time after his master last returned to the shop from whence he came, he set out to explore the virtually abandoned city. He became trapped under the stone when a building rebuilt itself. Since then, he’s seen several of these rebuildings. He’s not willing to reveal where the shop is. If the party follows him or otherwise forces him to tell, the shop is not where he left it — it has either been rebuilt or moved itself, and it has left no trace.

He is not interested in becoming anybody’s pet or mascot, though he could be forced in to the role. He is quite helpless.

Tiny Golden Man

Narntorni Limond