This whole district has been ruined by the industrial processes of Lithomancy.


Just moving through the area is dangerous. For every hex moved through here, roll a d20:

Roll Result
1 One character chosen at random gains Cadmium Poisoning, which functions just like sewer plague except that the save DC is 15 and this counts as a save against poison.
2-4 Roving band of Poison Zombies
5-7 Living Cloudkill
8-10 Xomizos passes overhead (characters can’t surprise Xomizos in his lair)
11-20 Nothing

Roving band of Poison Zombies

Zombies that are strong and explode when they die.

Living Cloudkill

The characters are surprised by, effectively, a cloudkill spell cast on their location. The spell moves at 20’. It can’t be harmed with weapons, but it can be dispersed by wind or damaged by area spells. It has 200 hps. The party might also flee.


The distant shadow of Xomizos passes overhead. If the characters have appropriate abilities, they can attempt to engage. However, Xomizos will generally leave for his lair unless prevented from doing so.


Narntorni bargle