Ballistics Factory

High atop a hill stands a cluster of concrete buildings with no windows. No other structures sit within 100 meters of it and only barren ground marks the area between it and the high wall that mark the perimeter of the property. The tops of the walls are marked with rusted steel spikes and a massive steel gate blocks the way. A set of mine tracks lead to a smaller gate to the east side of the wall. Looking beyond you see it leads to the building and abandoned carts full of small smooth stones sit untended and rusting.


The Ballistics Factory a mostly subterranean complex where fulcrumstone was constructed and charged. Fulcrumstone was a category of enchanted stones capable of storing and releasing physical properties such as heat, weight, sound, light, or kinetic energy. They were then shipped across the city where they were put to all sorts of purposes. Inside are enormous furnaces for charging hearthstones, a solarium with an enormous magnifying lens for charging lightstones, and the tumblers where the boltstones were given their energy. All of these were dangerous, as an accidental activation could cause a change reaction setting off all the stones in the vicinity. Thus the factory was kept separate from the rest of the neighborhood. In the past thousand years these many of these processes have been left completely untended and the stored energies have reached dangerous proportions.

Dangers of the Factory

Attempting to steal the shiny stones has always been a popular passtime of the Kenku in this district who now guard the factory jealously. A small flock has set up a nest in rafters of the weightstone room, as the naturally buoyant stones give them a facsimile of flight that they find intoxicating. Unfortunately for them their movements have been limited lately due to the presence of lesser clay golems that now patrol the factory.

The Kenku have no-one but themselves to blame for their current predicament. drunk on power they started harassing guardian golems in nearby neighborhoods by throwing random fulcrumstones at them. As the golems pursued the Kenku responded by throwing even more stones, which did nothing but lead them back to the factory like a trail of breadcrumbs. Now the golems are studded with a dozen varieties fulcrumstones and whatever primal programming the follow compels them to protect this property now.

The very rooms of the factory are dangerous in of themselves. The furnace rooms crackle with flame and is scattered with stones ready to combust. The solarium is blindingly bright during the day and each stone contains enough damage to burn a creature with radiant damage. While most of the tumblers are long since stopped the boltstones are just as apt to explode upon being touched as firing correctly.

Ballistics Factory

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