Beneath Narntorni

Undercity Random Encounters

Roll District Encounter
1 Xylomancy Candle Fungi
2 Lithomancy Quicksilver Lake
3 Botomancy Mandrake Roots
4 Zoomancy Mole Rat Warren
5 Gastromancy Taffy Dam
6 Hydromancy Perfumed Steam
7 Madness Save against Madness, DC10
8 Bibliomancy Miniature City
9 Stolemancy Wandering Ragheap
10 Aimamancy Hidden Bloodbank
11 Nomismancy Cursed Coin Cache
12 Independent Thieves Hideout
13 Xylomancy Oil Geysers
14 Madness Save against Madness, DC11
15 Lithomancy Floating Stone Abyss
16 Botomancy Fluorescent Jungle
17 Zoomancy Orewurm
18 Hydromancy safe
19 Technomancy safe
20 Bibliomancy safe
21 Madness Save against Madness, DC12
22 Aimamancy safe
23 Nomismancy safe
24 Independent safe
25 Xylomancy Fractal House

Adventuring in the Undercity

While exploring the Undercity random encounters occur more frequently and tile cannot be scavenged. As soon as the party enters the Undercity roll 1d6, that is how many tiles the party can travel before a random encounter occurs. Once the encounter is resolved roll another 1d6 to repeat the process.

Spending time in the Undercity is exceptionally taxing on the adventurers body’s and spirits. The party cannot take short rests in the Undercity except after clearing an adventure site. However during a short rest everyone in the party must succeed at a DC10 unmodified 1d20 roll or contract a madness.


Insanity can affect those who are wise, cunning, or clever. The save against madness is an unmodified d20 roll. Failure causes the character to acquire a temporary Madness which lasts until the end of their next short rest. If the character already is already suffering from Madness they must make another d20 roll. On a 11 or better they acquire a second temporary madness, on a 10 or less their current madness goes from temporary to lasting or from lasting to permanent.

Beneath Narntorni

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