Cancerous Shiptree

Hundreds of ships are piled upon one another to form a mountain of wreckage that stretches high into the sky and must be at least a quarter mile across. This junkyard has an unusual structure as the ships seem to cling to one another to form bifurcating towers. Lines of rope hang like jungle vines and jutting branches made of timber provide easy handholds. Far above patches of canvas flutter in the wind like enormous leaves to form an enormous canopy.


  • Identify an entrance into the shiptree
  • Animated objected ecology
  • Harvesting Ship seeds

Entering the shiptree

Gaining entrance to the shiptree is a matter for climbing the structure searching the ships until they find that has working doors that will allow them access to the interior. This requires a successful DC 14 perception check to find possible entrances and then 4 successful DC 14 climb checks distributed across the party to check these possibilities.

As you climb the great structure you clamber over ships of every size and in every orientation. Each ship merges seemlessly with its neighbors creating an impenetrable barricade. Portholes devoid of glass lead only to small knotholes barely a foot deep. Doors are merged with their frames and their knobs do not turn.

Cancerous Shiptree

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