Carnivorous Plant Ambush

Vines wrap around the PCs legs and attempt to pull them into the waiting maws of several enormous carnivorous plants.

Skill Combat: Deal 50x(number of players) hp of damage to the plants or succeed at 3+(number of players) skill checks.

The plants have AC 12 and no proficiency to any saving throw.

Start of the round make the following attack every PC.
6 vs AC. 1d101 bludgeoning damage and make a Strength saving throw (DC 14). On a failure the target is grabbed and dragged to one of the maws. Make a second attack vs the target. 9 vs AC. 3d65 piercing damage. It takes a DC 13 strength check to break someone free.

Discarding an Animated Autoshears loot item automatically ends the combat.

Applicable Skills:
Nature (DC 10 to assist another player, DC 15 to succeed)
Perception (DC 10 to assist another player, DC 16 to succeed. Limit once per encounter)
Acrobatics ( DC 17 to succeed. Limit once per character)
Athletics (DC 14 to succeed)
Herbalism Kit (DC 12 to succeed)

Carnivorous Plant Ambush

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