Cloning Garden

A domed building occupies a decent portion of this neighborhood. Even from a distance you can hear the faint echoing of bestial roars that emanate from within. As you approach you see the entrance, grand double doors at the top of marble stairs. Above the doorway you see the words “Garden of Rejuvination”. You hear a tremendous shriek of a dying creature followed by silence.

Building Description

The garden is a domed building with two floors with an entrance in the north. The outer path follows the entire circumference, leading to the nursery in the back (south) and the stairways to the terrace on the east and west sides. The stairways are overgrown with plantlife that makes them impassible without making 3 DC 13 Survival checks to clear the way.

The inner garden fills most of the interior, sepearated from an outer path by thick folliage. This folliage provides total cover and blocks all line of sight. Narrow paths cut through this folliage at various intervals. Inside the inner garden plant clones of beasts are eternally spawned and battling. The upper terrace is 30 feet above the ground level and consists of a a 15 wide walkway that overlooks the garden. It can be reached by the east and west stairs. In the Northeast, southeast, soutwest and northwest there are catwalks that lead to a suspended gallery with a glass floor that hangs above the center of the garden. One one of these catwalks the three ancient gamblers are reclining on antique chairs.

The gallery is 50 feet across The gallery’s floor is overgrown with green vines. It contains the resurrection pods for the ancient gamblers.

At the southern part of the garden there is an exit to the nursery outbuilding. It is 30 feet wide and 50 feet long and contains many overgrown planters. Inside are 4 unused resurrection pods and one that belongs to Buddy the scout. Hanging shelves throughout the room hold mostly decayed bodies or skeletons of a variety of beasts.

A fight to the death.. and the death… and the death

If the adventurers enter the center of the garden they are spotted by the gamblers, who immediately declare that whoever’s beast kills the intruder can claim the body.

If the adventurers attempt to clear the foliage near the stairs the gamblers send their beasts to investigate after 1 round.


3 Druids
1 Triceratops
1 Giant Scorpion
1 Owlbear

Each of the beasts has a resurrection pod in the center of the room. After a beast dies it returns to life with full health after 1d4+1 rounds unless the pod is destroyed. Each pod has 30 hitpoints and AC 11.

Rewards: 1200xp, 4 resurrection pods.

Cloning Garden

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