Close Encounters of the Plant Kind

The plants here are of stunning beauty. Delicate tendrils glow with a faint iridescent light capped with bunches of colorful flowers. As you watch the flowers undulate through a pattern of blooming and retreating, each time coming back as a new color. Patterns of color and light spread on the walls and ground around you as if the silent rainbow creatures swam beneath the surface of a lily covered sea.

The plants are actually an intelligent colony of polyflowers. They understand both spoken and written Narntorni and common but can only communicate via patterns of color and light. They are eager to speak with theparty but first need to get the attention of the party. They delight in performance and want to have a contest, showing off their impressive displays in exchange for something equally impressive from the PCs.

Some of the effects they might use to gain the attention of the PCs.

  • A simulation of the day cycle with bright yellow and blue of day, fading to deepest orange and red of the sunset, to pitch black with sparking dots of white light.
  • A hazy impression of what appears to be other human figures in the distance but as they approach it is revealed to just be blotches of color on the flowers, except now there are moving figures behind them where they just were.
  • Eerie shadows of color, one for each PC, follows them around wherever they go. Occasionally detaching and flying off to be replaced with a new blob of color.
  • Flashing blues and greens when the characters make a joke, flashing reds and yellows when they say something dangerous, browns and blacks when they say something distasteful.

Understanding what is going on requires a DC 16 Arcana, Nature, or Insight check. Entertaining the flowers requires a DC 14 Performance check or a DC 15 History check. Once the PCs are aware and have woo’d the flowers they can ask various questions such as “Are there any locations of interest nearby” or “Have you see anything of interest”. They will also allow the PCs to rest in one of the nearby buildings and will keep watch for them. Alerting them with a literal “red alert”

The speak with plants spell allows for immediate and direct communication with the polyflowers.

Performance Contest

The performance contest is a series of three contested rolls. The Plants have a performance proficiency bonus of +5. There is no penalty for failing. The number of wins the party gets determines the rewards.

  1. Information about a nearby neighborhood. Roll twice and choose either for the next random encounter.
  2. They get lead to a peaceful garden full of fruit. Can take a rest and regain an extra 1d8 healing per hit die spent.
  3. Treasure trove. Everyone gets an extra loot draw for the district.

Close Encounters of the Plant Kind

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