The Colossus is a primordial earth elemental, measuring 1000 feet tall if he were standing up straight. He has been trapped and paralyzed, forever fixed in the aggressive posture he took when he first attempted to assault the City of Narntorni.

Long ago the Colossus made a deal with the Narntorni: in exchange for the temporary service of his nine sons, they would teach him secrets of soul magic. He was savvy and aggressive enough to learn the secrets before the service, and so was able to fashion nine golden hearts for each of his sons. These nine golden hearts served as soul traps. In case their bodies were destroyed, the soul traps would prevent the sons souls from being put in to service with the Narntorni.

With the Colossus having gotten the better of them, the angry Narntorni worked the sons literally to death, since they knew such powerful and unusual souls would be far more useful in death than in life. However, the nine golden hearts thwarted the Narntorni plans. Forever the lawyers, the Narntorni realized they had no duty to deliver the sons to the Colossus. Instead, they laid the trap told him he could come collect them himself if he wanted them back.

The Colossus came ashore in the Lithomancy district, easily clearing the cliff the way a man walks up a step. The Narntorni sprung their trap, using an enormous number of trapped souls to cast an empowered paralysis spell. The spell is kept active by four black obelisks hidden throughout the Lithomancy district. The obelisks and spell is constructed in such a way that if any one of the obelisks are destroyed, the other three have enough power to paralyze the Colossus until the fourth is regenerated in another place. If two of the obelisks are destroyed, then the Colossus will be able to communicate through speech, but he will be trapped. If all four obelisks are destroyed, then the Colossus will be free. There is a crude map indicating the current location of all the obelisks hidden in the dungeons below his feet.

Golmer Podan and his Crew

At some point, an adventurer named Golmer Podan and his crew will contest looting rights to the dungeons of the Colossus. This won’t be a problem if the party establishes some kind of permanent or semi-permanent presence at the dungeon. However, if they don’t, the party will find Golmer has set up a tent at the entrance to the plaza, and will attempt to tell the party to leave. He will negotiate up to splitting the treasure. Golmer is a veteran, and his crew numbers twenty thugs and a priest named Thelak. If Golmer is killed, Thelak will attempt to beg for the lives of the remaining thugs, offering to give the party the savings he’s been trying to accumulate to found a chapel for his deity.


Three dungeons make up the Colossus. Two of them are open to begin with: the left foot and the right foot. A third is opened by activating switches in both of the feet.

Left Foot


  1. Antechamber: There is an extremely detailed stone statue here posed as if welcoming entrants.
  2. Divination room: There is a pedestal here with a metal dome lid. Underneath the lid there is a pool of mercury. There is another statue here, also in a welcoming pose.
  3. Basilisks: A pressure plate at (a) sets off a magical strobe in this chamber, alerting the elder basilisk that dwells within. The door will open surprisingly easy.
  4. There are six fine statues of elderly men and women in this chamber.
  5. Armory: [determine treasure]. There are four elemental stumps, one of each color, protecting the treasure.
  6. Switch Room: One of the switches to activate the central chamber in this room. Flipping the switch causes prismatic spray to be cast on the entire room. The switch is behind a laminated steel and lead partition that prevents access to the switch from outside the room.
  7. Throne room of the Hierophant. Sitting on the throne causes the sitter to be teleported to the tomb of the Hierophant [TBD]. Once a character leaves the tomb, the throne will no longer function for that character.
  8. Dormitory: Bunk beds stacked three high line the walls of this room. There is a locked stone door to the drain room from the trap in (9). There is an old, disintegrating skeleton on the other side of the door. The clue to the puzzle in the Central Chamber is written on the back of the door in chalk.
  9. Whirl Room: Opening the door at the south end of the room causes hidden stone doors to slam down on the other exits (doing 4d10 damage to anyone caught under them). A hole opens up in the middle of the room, and the room is flushed with filthy, stale water. Make a DC15 strength check to avoid being swept down the hole. When the torrent has finished, the hole closes up and the passages open. Anyone flushed down the hole is in complete darkness. There is a passage back to (8), but there is a portcullis with a lever on the other side, just out of reach.
  10. Study Chamber: Study carrels line the walls of this room.

Right Foot


  1. Featureless antechamber
  2. A 20’ wide circle is inlaid in to the center of the floor of this room. The circle is a darker stone than the country rock from which this dungeon was hewn. Green slime attacks anything in the circle.
  3. Bunk Room Many crude hay beds with moldering bedrolls. There is brown mold at “b”. The blur ring is sewn in to the hem of a blanket here.
  4. Worship Room A perfect 5’ cube of obsidian sits in the middle of this room. Pairs of wide, shallow grooves are worn in to the floor, all facing the stone. There are several prostrate corpses facing the cube. If the party attempts to investigate, three of the corpses arise as stone monks.
  5. Exercise Room This room is furnished with wooden practice dummies, benches, kettle bells, clubs, medicine balls, etc. Ornate weapons adorn the walls. There are two elemental galeb duhr in this room, one brown and one blue. There are two elemental galeb duhr guarding this room. They will venture out to attack people walking in the halls or otherwise making excess noise within earshot. The brown one carries the key to room 6.
  6. Switch Room An iron door stands across this passageway. The door is locked, but the key can be obtained from the Galeb Duhr in room 6. Otherwise, it will take a DC17 sleight of hand check to unlock the door. Inside the room, there is an iron chest bolted to the floor with an automatic locking lid. The lid can’t be unlocked by any means from the chest itself. Instead, the lid is automatically open and closed by the door: when the door is open, the lid is closed. When the door is closed, the lid is open. Inside the chest is a lever switch with a manual safety release: the handle must be fully gripped before the lever will move. Throwing the lever switch is half of the activation necessary to open the way to the central chamber. Decoupling the lid from the door takes a DC20 sleight of hand check. Throwing the switch causes the door to open and a polymorph spell to be cast on everyone in the room (DC15 wisdom), where failure causes the target to become a panicked pig that will run out of the room.
    7. Map Room In the middle of a large basalt slab, there is an inlaid copper plate cut to resemble the outline of the district. A featureless black obelisk is positioned at various points on the map. To begin with, the obelisks are in the dragon’s lair, the temple to Moradin, the smithy, and the aerie of the Kenku. There are also four copper squares connected to the outlines with inlaid copper paths (the paths, square, and outline are all one piece of copper). A destroyed obelisk will follow the copper path to it’s square when it’s destroyed, then move to a new location when the obelisk is rebuilt the next day.

Central Chamber



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