Fountain Plaza

DM Introduction

A number of water elementals are trapped in a fountain. They are territorial, and will try to attack and kill anyone that ventures too far in to the fountain. If any of the characters speak elemental, they can communicate with the elementals and discover that they want to be returned to the sea.

This encounter forms one part of the Elemental Boon quest. In order to complete the quest, all elementals must be successfully returned to the sea.

Player Introduction

You have found a reprieve from the oppressive walls of this district. There is a wide circular pool here with a gold statue in the middle. The statue is a blocky humanoid raising its fist at the sky. This is a functioning fountain: a beautiful pattern of water spouts repeats as you watch. The water is clear. The floor of the fountain is covered in copper coins, every one bearing a green patina.

A DC15 perception check reveals that there are no nozzles causing the spouts. The spout patterns will seem very familiar to anyone who knows an elemental language. A DC15 investigation check reveals that the patterns are an unreadably elaborate calligraphy for Aquan.

If the players do not interact with the fountain, there’s nothing to do here. However, if any venture in to the fountain, the pattern stops. If they start talking to the fountain, then the elementals reveal themselves and request assistance in their visual language. If the characters go as far as half-way to the center of the fountain, then:

A wave starts half-way around the fountain from your position, gaining size and speed. Roll initiative.

Fight the Elementals


  1. The first elemental attack is a wave affecting all non-water elementals in the pool on the Elemental’s turn. All targets make a DC12 strength save. A target takes 4d10 force damage and is knocked prone on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  2. The pool is difficult terrain.
Party Size # Elementals XP Reward per Character
1 1 2700
2 1 1350
3 2 1800
4 3 2700
5 4 2880
6 5 3000
7 6 3085

Free the Elementals

These elementals long ago made an oath to occupy the fountain. The original arrangement was for the elementals to be freed after one hundred years and one day. That day came and went, but no one was willing to take the elementals back to the sea: the arrangement was worded so that if even a single drop of an elemental’s body touches the dry land of Narntorni, their spirits would be pulled back to the fountain and their bodies re-formed from the water therein. This curse is active even if the elementals are not otherwise bound to the fountain.

The elementals wish to be freed from their prison. If the players insist on a reward, the elementals will begin negotiation by rewarding the players with half of their treasure.


When the elementals start to communicate, they will change the elaborate spouts to a more readable form of visual Aquan, being standing waves resembling the patterns from Chladni Plates. These will be immediately recognizable and readable to anyone who knows the Aquan language. Those who understand other elemental languages will recognize them as communication, but will not be able to puzzle out the elementals’ request without some work (DC10 investigation).


Freeing the Elementals

This should be a challenge, requiring 4 successes before 3 failures on relevant checks. Freeing an elemental at the very least requires building a movable, water-tight vessel and then moving that vessel through potentially hostile territory to the sea. If a player has a spell, magic item, or access to some other effect that will automatically succeed, then they should be able to use it without any further rolls.


There is an enormous amount of copper pieces on the floor of the fountain. However, at this point in their career and at this location, the coins are practically worthless and not worth their weight.

Aside from the statue, which is merely covered in gold leaf, there is a small hole at the base of the statue’s plinth (3" across). This hole is a small pipe that leads to a treasure chamber below the plinth. It will take workers 500gp and 5 days to dig out the treasure. If the party is freeing the elementals, they can negotiate for the treasure

  • 1000gp worth of gold leaf can be recovered from the statue
  • A bunch of coins and small stuff: 10,000sp, 1,000gp, 10pp, scroll of water breathing

Fountain Plaza

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