Historical Outline

Details from the Microscope game can be found here.

Discovery of the Narn Stone

The soul in the Narn Stone reveals itself ◎

Founding of the first school ◉

Q: Who invented magic, and who stole the glory?

The ability to transfer powers is discovered ◉

Q: Who stole the Narn Stone’s power?

The Age of Kings and Queens ◎

The first Parade of Districts

Q: Who tried to kill the King and Queen?

The initiation ritual is started. ◉

Citizens branded based on their soul song.

Souls imprisonment ◉

Souls of criminals imprisoned and impressed for public service

Q: Can souls be redeemed?

Imprisonment of the Mages ◎

Q: To where did their souls escape?

Marnak’s Rebellion ◉

The pact is signed in blood ◉

Q: Who are the signatories?

Soul binding of entire royal line ◉

Q: Where did the soul stones go?
A: They were scattered to each district and hidden

The treaty is signed ◎

The Trade Winds Blow: Age of Merchants ◎

The Oubliette is built ◎

Trade rivalries ruin the last Parade of Districts ◉

The first meeting of the Guild Mages ◉

Q: How did the Guild Mages consolidate their power?

Magical secrets are worth more than Nannie. Hoarding of power begins. ◉

Mageocracy: The Eleven Dominions ◉

Walls of Stone and Spell are raised. ◉

Above ground and below.

Q: What caused the walls to crack?

Activation of the soul sirens in each district. ◉

Q: Did they realize the effects on the population or were they blind?

The Pearl Dome Encases the Realm

Historical Outline

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