Lithomancy Random Encounters


Roll Encounter
20 Tiny Golden Man
19 A Penny Saved
18 Inactive Lifter Souls
17 Tanner Thieves
15-16 Kenku Thieves
14 Reverse Demolition
13 Trapped Porters
11-12 Glass Menagerie
10 Pottery Barn
9 Loose Reclaimers
8 Walled in
7 Kenku Tricksters
5-6 Gelatinous Polytope
3-4 Eternal Duel
2 Other District Encounter
≤1 Roll twice

Tiny Golden Man

Rating: Benign

Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a little golden figurine trapped under a stone block in the ruins of a building.

If the party gets closer:

You see that the figurine is animated, and gesticulating wildly at you. He is a tiny golden man about six inches tall dressed in a golden suit and bearing a golden goatee. He has tiny little spectacles with sapphire lenses.

If the party removes the rock, he can be captured and sold for a princely sum (1,000gp). Alternatively, if the party lets him go, there is a 25% chance that he will appear and guide the party away from disaster when they roll a 5 or less on the random encounter table in this district.

He is mute, but he understands spoken Narntorni. He can also write Narntorni, given an appropriate implement. He can’t tell the party much: all he knows is that, some long time after his master last returned to the shop from whence he came, he set out to explore the virtually abandoned city. He became trapped under the stone when a building rebuilt itself. Since then, he’s seen several of these rebuildings. He’s not willing to reveal where the shop is. If the party follows him or otherwise forces him to tell, the shop is not where he left it — it has either been rebuilt or moved itself, and it has left no trace.

He is not interested in becoming anybody’s pet or mascot, though he could be forced in to the role. He is quite helpless.

A Penny Saved

Rating: Benign

When scavenging, the party also finds a bag with 50 copper in it. Whomever takes possession of the bag will find himself with a minor curse: he cannot willingly give away any of the coins for any reason.

Kenku Thieves

Rating: Benign

Nothing of note happens.

Unless the party has taken specific measures to guard their henchmen and pack animals, then one specific valuable item is stolen. If the party has taken measures, then there is no encounter. The Kenku are not looking for a fight.

Pottery Barn

Rating: Benign
“Walking through a more commercial section of this neighborhood your gaze falls onto a large shop whose front is just a large plate glass window. A precursory glance into the store reveals it to be filled to the brim with clay pottery. Jugs, jars, pots, crocks, urns, mugs and more are crammed into the small building only the narrowest of aisles can be seen meandering through the clay container forest.”

Searching the shop without breaking anything reveals nothing.
Smash the shop up they receive:
170 Gold Pieces (or roll on CR 5-10 Individual Treasure Table DMG PG )
1 Alchemist Fire
1 Potion of Greater Healing
Roll a d6. Determines item and quanity

Result Item
1-2 +1 Arrow
3-4 +1 Bolt
4-5 +1 Sling Bullet

Loose Reclaimers

Rating: Medium
“As you wander around the city, looking for salvageable materials you find yourself yet again at a dead end. The walls are tall and smooth, there are no doors to cut through a building. Turning around to retrace your steps you slowly see a few blobs of slime slowly ungulating towards you. A sparkingly clean trail glistens behind them as you find yourself trapped.

1 Black Pudding
1 Ochre Jelly
4 Gray Ooze

Idle Lifter Souls

DM Rolls d6. There are that many lifter souls, and if even their cargo are bricks useful for constructing buildings, if odd the cargo is flat paving stones.

As you pick your way through the stone streets you see a line of hulking creatures standing still in the middle of the street with huge pallets of materials stacked high up on their flat hands. On closer inspection they seem to be made out of stone themselves though each of them lack a head. On their back is a platform that has a nearly incomprehensible control panel on the back. Rusted levers, delicate switches, a spot for your hand, some sort of magical gyroscope as well as some things you’ve never seen before.

Skill challenge 5 successes before 3 failures

Possible abilities:
Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength
Possible Skills:
Sleight of Hand, Arcana, Investigation, Religion, Insight, Perception
If 1-2 on d6: 25% discount on next trading post or supply chain
If 3-4 on d6: 50% discount on next trading post or supply chain
if 5-6 on d6: Free trading post or supply line

Failure: Lifters activate and attack. (Ogres)
Lifter get additional ability usable once.
Drop Load: The Lifter construct drops his cargo on top of all creatures in a 20’ square in front of the lifter. All creatures make a Dexterity saving throw. Creatures that fail take 6d6 bludgeoning damage, success takes half. The affected zone is now difficult terrain.

Glass Menagerie

Rating: Medium

As you round a corner, you are confronted by an army of thousands of tiny glass figurines. Each tiny little soldier is armed with a tiny little obsidian weapon. Most are infantry. Others are archers. Some are cavalry. A lucky few are riding glass elephants. There is also artillery. When you turn around, your retreat is also blocked by thousands of figurines. A tiny general waves his tiny sword, and they attack.

The army of glass will attack until they have received 200 hit points worth of damage. Area attacks like fireball do quadruple damage. Give the party some leeway in terms of allowing mass destruction through clever actions, such as by summoning large creatures to crush the glass, using the environment, etc.

Their greatest threat to the party is the artillery, which fires stored kinetic energy marbles. These are +6 to hit and deal 3d6 damage. Every party member is subject to one of these attacks each round until the army flees.

Trapped Porters


As you pass through this neighborhood you hear faint, but distinct, cries for help. Making your way towards the crier reveals 2 porters. They look disheveled and exhausted, and both becoming hoarse from yelling. Next to them is a non distinct building, with a stone archway. Just inside it is a featureless blank wall. “Oh thank the gods you’ve heard my calls. There were some little golem creatures that came through while we were resting inside and they sealed off half of our team and all of our loot!”

The porters enter the building if the PCs go inside, but stay near the entrance on guard for any of the small golem creatures. They don’t want to get trapped in their like their friends. They will help if asked.

DC 15 perception to hear the faint cries of the people trapped in the room.

On getting the trapped porters out the players each gain their services for the rest of the adventure for free and the PC draw from the scavenge deck.

Gelatinous Polytope Maze

The collapsed building you are passing through looked like a small mountain of rubble from the outside but upon arrival you found a clean square tunnel running through the debris like a mine-shaft. The walls are an amalgam of wood, stone, plaster and other debris that has been fused into a smooth surface by whatever process cut the tunnel. The passage makes strange right angle turns in all directions; left and right, up and down. Underlying everything is a slight scent of vinegar.

For anyone with a passive perception of 15+:

The air in front of you wobbles slightly.

The party has wandered in to the lair of a gelatinous polytope. A gelatinous polytope is an hyper-dimensional version of a gelatinous cube. At the start of each of its turns it teleports adjacent to a random character and makes a Engulf attempt. On a successful save it still deals half damage to the target. When it teleports it brings all engulfed targets with it. If it takes enough damage to kill a gelatinous cube it disappears for one round before reappearing with full health.

Escaping the Maze

The party must escape the maze, to do they must succeed on 3 DC 15 Navigate Maze (Intelligence) checks to escape. All characters may spend their action to make this check but only accumulate one success per round. If any members of the group fail the check the group is faced with a minor obstacle a 10 foot wide 20 feet deep hole to a different section of the maze or a dead-end with a 10 foot climb. It is a DC 12 Athletics check as part of a move action to clear these obstacles.

If the party becomes separated (such as falling down a pit or failing to climb the wall) each group must make their Navigate Maze checks separately but keeps all success that were made already and obstacles only affect the group that triggers them.

Additional Skills:
Arcana DC 18 – To realize the hyperdimensional nature of their foe. Gives the party advantage on their next Navigate Maze roll.
Perception DC 15 – To reunite with the rest of the party after being separated.

Walled In

You’ve traveled this way before but the street you thought was clear now ends in a 50 foot stone wall. Turning back the way you came you see a group of small rocklike men a hundred feet down the road. They reach their arms into the stones of the street as if it were liquid and grab hold of something. As they lift together a 5 foot section of wall rises as a single piece across the entire length of the street. They repeat this action and are soon lost behind 10 feet of wall. A quick glance from side to side reveals the nearby alleyways are already blocked off…

Rating: Difficult

The party starts 120 feet from the wall which is already 10 feet tall, which is growing at a rate of 5 feet per round. The wall is magically smooth and shear and requires a DC 20 Athletics check to climb unassisted. A grappling hook can be thrown to the top or to an object on the other side with a DC 17 Strength/Dexterity thrown weapon check. Successfully attaching a grappling hook and rope decreases the climb check to DC10.

The wall stops growing at 50 feet. Characters must both safely climb up and down the other side, taking appropriate damage for failing the climb check and falling off.

If the characters cannot climb or want to seek another way around they can navigate the maze created by the wallers with 3 successful DC16 Intelligence checks. Each failure causes the party to spend an additional 2 hours of fruitless exploration and they gain 1 level of fatigue. (3 levels of fatigue = 1 level of exhaustion).

Kenku Tricksters

As you pass through this neighborhood you hear faint, but distinct, cries for help. Making your way towards the crier reveals 2 porters. They look disheveled and exhausted, and both becoming hoarse from yelling. Next to them is a non distinct building, with a stone archway. Just inside it is a featureless blank wall. “Oh thank the gods you’ve heard my calls. There were some little golem creatures that came through while we were resting inside and they sealed off half of our team and all of our loot!”

The porters refuse to enter the building if the PCs go inside. They don’t want to get trapped in their like their friends. They throw out tips. “Maybe if you all push on the wall.” “Did anyone bring a pickax.” “Can you blow it up?” They will not help if asked.

DC 15 perception to hear the faint cries of the people trapped in the room.
DC 23 perception to notice that the cries are coming from one of the porters you talked to.

After a few minutes and a few tries to attempt breach the wall, all failing. The porters stick their heads inside the doorway. “Well thanks for trying?” They say with a laugh, and with a short cast of a spell the doorway quickly solidifies, the tip of a beak the last thing that is visible from the outside world before being plunged into pitch black. The cackling of kenku laughter can be heard for a time before fading away.

  • The former entrance way looks like the rest of the wall – there is a minor illusion on it
  • DC 15 slieght of hand – you can feel a thin gap where the wall doesn’t meet cleanly
  • DC 20 perception check – the wall sounds less thick when knocking on it on it

Beating on the former entrance with bludgeoning weapons and dealing at least 20 damage will break it. Damage is not visible.
DC 20 Strength checks can push the fake wall out of the opening

Eternal Duel

Something in the sky sparkles catching your eye. It is soon joined by several more glittering shards describing a graceful arc through the sky. As you watch this cloud of strange objects fly it begins to alter it’s path and suddenly it’s flying straight at you.

Initial Assembly

Target: One character not wearing metal armor

The objects resolve into the pieces of a magnificent suit of armor. It flies straight at you and the pieces start slamming against your body. A bracer clamps around your arm, a pauldron locks onto your shoulder, and the greaves assemble themselves around your legs.

The target must make a DC 18 Strength saving throw. On a success the character enters a grapple with the armor, proceed to Struggle for Control. On a failure it instantly surrounds the character enclosing him in the suit, proceed to the Armor Amok.

Struggle for Control

The character is struggling to keep the armor from fully forming requires the party to succeed on 3 DC 16 Strength checks before failing three times. Party members can assist one another to rip the armor off. If they accumulate too many failures the armor full assembles and then the encounter proceeds to Armor Amok. If they succeed there is a 50% chance the armor will either try to escape or attempt to attach to another eligible member of the party until it has tried every eligible member once.

If it flees the party can try to make a DC20 Athletics or Acrobatics check to grapple the pieces to prevent it from escaping. Keeping it captured will require creativity and dedication but it gains the party a suit of Untamed Summoned Champion Armor.

Armor Amok

The armor immediately starts sprinting at its full speed (50 ft per round) to an adjacent hex. It is a DC 20 grapple check to stop the armor in its tracks. Any failure causes the character attempting the check to go flying as the armor throws him or her aside, causing them to take 2d6 bludgeoning damage. If the party cannot or will not accumulate 3 success before 4 failures it reaches its destination.

The sprinting armor turns a corner and bursts into an open and airy plaza. In the center of the plaza stands an imposing figure in a pitch black suit of spiked armor. Faint cries of “help me” can be heard escaping it’s helmet. The black suit draws it’s enormous obsidian great-axe, while the silver suit containing your ally steps boldly to a adamantine great sword sticking from the cobbles. They take up battle stances on either side of the plaza and begin to circle one another…

Duel Commences

While in the armor the entrapped PC has the statblock of a Githyanki Knight as does the black armored opponent. Roll initiative and begin combat, the two armors will fight each other ignoring all opponents. While inside the armor the PC takes half of the damage dealt to the armor and he cannot be targeted separately from the armor. The armors will only begin attacking the PCs if they interrupt the duel but will stop to face each other once again if the PCs retreat. The armor can be removed by successfully grappling the armor and completing 3 DC 16 strength checks or by being hit with Dispel magic. If it fails it constitution saving throw it falls off it’s target is rendered unconscious and inanimate for 1 minute. Armor removed in either fashion can be restrained from attacking future targets by putting it inside a weighted container (or bag of holding).

If either of the armors are reduced to zero hit points it immediately falls off the wearer (or wearers corpse) and falls to the ground for one minute after which it flies away to seek out its next target. The remaining armor will stand waiting will not attack anyone unless they attack it or meddle with it’s fallen foe.

Tanner Thieves

Down the road you see a curious sight. Two unarmed tanners are dancing and cavorting in front of a blacksmith shop. They repeatedly slam the door and then throw a brick through the front window. As soon as the glass shatters to the ground they turn and begin to flee from the shop as a clay golem bursts from the door and lumbers after them.

Rating: Difficult

Lithomancy Random Encounters

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