Nettle forest

As you crawl through a tunnel between two collapsed buildings you pull on a nearby vine for support. As you start to tug its surface explodes with inch long thorns dripping with poison. All the vines around you do the same, surrounding you in a deadly trap. No way forward or backward except through this thicket of irritated nettles.

The characters are surrounded by stinging nettles in every direction. Every action a character takes deals 1d6 piercing and 1d6 poison damage. Characters in heavy armor take half damage. It takes each character 3 success to escape the thicket.

Acrobatics: DC 14, on a success take no damage.
Athletics: DC 14, on a success may take double damage to earn an additional success.
Nature: DC 13, on a success take no poison damage.
Medicine: DC 15, grants another character immunity to damage on their action

Attempting to burn the vines vaporizes the poison creating a Stinking Cloud effect for 1d6 rounds. The retching effect counts as an action for the purpose of taking damage.

Nettle forest

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