Plant Torturers

You hear screams of pain in a nearby dwelling.
Can ignore encounter if so choose. The screams eventually fade away in the distance once the party leaves the neighborhood.

Upon in an vine entangled green house you see a half dozen adventurers and porters in various states of pain and torture. Vines are used to bind the poor souls to the tables where a group of leafy green humanoids is standing over one guy, his arm on the floor and they hold up a tree limb to the stump, the bark and skin quickly binding to each other as he screams in pain. Another of the creatures with a watering can pours it onto the feet of a woman who stands upright, lashed to a pole. Vines start to sprout from her toes, twisting their way inside and around her body. Her fingers turn into pea pods as her hair turns green and leaves sprout from her ears. The green humanoids look at you with expressionless faces. What remained of their humanity long since overgrown.

4 player
Waterer – Banshee x1 – Made of mostly water and algae. Wails first turn.
Grafters – Hobgoblins x6 (2 for 5 players, +2 for 7)
Planters – Hobgoblin Captain x2 (
1 for 6 players)
Pea Shooter – Spy x 1. Immobile. FACING MATTERS! Pod Spray: All enemies in a 30’ frontal cone make DC DC 12 Dexterity save. Failing saves deal 2d8 damage. Half damage on successful save. Can perform no other actions.

Encounter takes place in a dimly light green house. Ivy having covered the entire building only letting in a faint green light. Room is 20’x 40’ The hybrid plants can treat the sides of the building as difficult terrain as they travel through plants.

Plant Torturers

Narntorni Limond