Tanner Godbody

Tanner Godbody

Deep underground there is a moaning that reverberates through the sewers. Following this sound will lead to a massive excavation. At first it appears to be the interior of a cathedral but on closer inspection reveals itself to be the chest cavity of great creature made of wood, leather, and rope. The Tanners who are constructing their new god will demand the adventurers join their congregation or become raw materials for the project.
Challenges: Gaining Access to the God, Negotiating with worshipers, Combat with worshipers, Destroying the god, Joining the church of the tanner god


  1. Gaining Access to the Godbody
  2. (Optional) Tense Negotiations with Tanner cultists
  3. (Optional) Cultist Fight
  4. Destroying the God
  5. Joining the congregation
  6. Rewards

Gaining Access to the Godbody

The Godbody can only be accessed via undeground tunnels, inside these tunnels it is easy to follow the sounds of the tremendous moans that echo through the sewers. However the tunnels are patrolled by Tanners and the party must decide between fighting them, sneaking by them, or attempting to negotiate with them.
There are 3 patrols that guard the tunnels and each patrol is composed of 4 Tanner Soldiers. These patrols have a passive perception of 15.

Fighting the patrols

If a fight occurs one of the tanner soldiers will run away to alert the others while the remaining three stay and fight to the death. If the runner successfully escapes it returns with one of the other patrols in tow while the remaining patrol goes to defend the priests at the god-body itself. This causes all tanners at the site to become hostile.

Sneaking by the patrols

Sneaking by the patrols requires two successful group stealth checks against the patrols’ passive perception. Success allows the party to enter the godbody unnoticed. Failure causes them to encounter a patrol.

Negotiating the patrols

If the party encounters the patrols they may make a DC 16 Persuasion or DC 14 Deception check to beg for access to the god-body. All tanners speak Narntorni which is similar enough to High Elven to allow for communication. On a success the patrol will escort the characters to the god-body where they can begin negotiations with the priests. The party gets two rounds to succeed at this check if they approach openly and one round if they are caught sneaking. If they fail the patrol attacks.

Interior of the Godbody

This macabre cathedral is crafted from polished wood and leather. The walls and ceiling are supported by enormous arcs of wood shaped like ribs and a wooden structure in the shape of a spine runs down the center of the hall. The exterior the building is made of a yet incomplete patchwork of leather. Each leather patch in the rough shape of human creating a grim tessellation. The room is lit by hundreds of candles that stand as tall as a man. You hear the earth-shattering moan that lead you here explode from the far end of the hall. As it does you notice to two giant leather bags the size of whales inflate and deflate with the sound. Between them hangs a giant mass of rope and twine that has the rough proportions of a heart. Two long graceful stairways encase these organs and lead to a stage located near the collarbone. At the base of spine the pelvis sits only partially constructed, a bubbling pool of oil encircled by stone rests just beyond the tailbone.

Negotiating with the Tanner cultists

If the party is escorted to the chamber by one of the patrols the high priest maintains his position at the collarbone alter and sends his two underlings to negotiate on his behalf. If the party snuck in on their own they surprise the priests and only get a single DC 18 Persuasion check to enter negotiations before the priests call for the patrols to save them and initiate combat.

The tanners priests find wet-skins repulsive but are willing to hear their please to be released from their disgusting existence and given the blessing of the Tanner God. The party is given the option of either being baptized in the bubbling pool of oil and receiving the blessing or being harvested for their raw materials. If they refuse the blessing the priests call their patrols and initiate combat.

Fighting the Tanner cultists

1 Tanner high-priest
2 Tanner priests
4 Tanner soldiers (If any patrols are still in the tunnels outside they will arrive after 1d6 rounds, roll separately for each patrol)

Investigating the Tanner God

If the party investigate the exterior it reveals that the giant God does have a skull-like head and skeletal arms, but the arms have only be partially strung with animated rope and so can barely shift at the slowest of rates. It requires a DC 16 Perception or Intelligence check to notice it is speaking in the tanner language but at enormous volume and an incredibly slow rate. It has a morose expression on its face and tracks the characters slowly with it is giant wooden eyes. If the party manages to communicate with it they can learn the following.

  • It has contains the souls and the fragmented memories of all those who were flayed alive to form its outer skin.
  • As the district has been in short supply of sentient humanoids who were candidates for skinning it’s progress has been halted for centuries. Only recently have they seemed to find a fresh supply and begun finishing construction.
  • The tanners made it conscious too soon so they could receive its blessings. However it is still incomplete and it is in agony.
    *Removing the fragment of the Narn stone at the base of the neck will cause it to become dormant and unconscious once again. (DC 16 Arcana check to discover this fact without communicating with the god)
    *It has no desire to be worshiped but if the party would help it slumber again it would allow them to channel its power (unlocks new character options) and accept an improved version of the blessing. if they bath in the oil pool.

Destroying the Tanner God

The god is too massive to be destroyed by small arms. It will require several barrels of gunpowder to demolish it. It can however be lit on fire by using oil from the baptismal pool to soak the interior. If lit on fire while still conscious the God screams in agony for hours as it is burned alive. Each character in the party gains the Curse of the Tanner God.

Joining the congregation

If the characters accept the offer of the tanner cultists they are baptized in the boiling oil and emerge with the Lesser Blessing of the Tanner God. They are now welcome to stay at their Godbody chapel at any time to rest and recuperate.
If the party fulfills the wish of the Tanner god to slumber the priests and patrols become hostile and will try to kill the party in an attempt to recover the shard of the Narn stone.


Safely arriving at the Godbody – 300 xp
Joining the congregation – 1000xp
Killing all cultists and patrols – 2000 xp
Putting the god to sleep – 1000xp

Possible Blessing of the Tanner God
Possible Curse of the Tanner God
If all tanners are killed – Xylomancy district loot draw.
Narn stone shard.

Tanner Godbody

Narntorni flashedarling