Tanner Village

A humanoid calmly steps out of an alley several yards in front of you, both hands out-stretched with palms toward you. The naked being before you appears to have skin made of embossed leather, with its mouth laced closed and eyes made of buttons. You notice that there are other similar beings in windows and rooftops all around, but they are standing down with their bows at their sides.

Characters who make an active insight roll (DC5) can tell that this being is making a peaceful gesture.

It begins making confident hand gestures at you.

An insight check (DC10) will tell the character that the being is trying to communicate.


Communicating with the Tanners is difficult:

  • Receiving a specific message will require a wisdom check of 15 or better. Insight can be applied to this roll. The observer no longer needs to make checks for the duration of this encounter after 4 successful checks.
  • Sending a one-sentence message will require a charisma check of 15 or better. Persuasion, intimidation, or deception may be applied to this roll depending on the intent of the message. The communicator no longer needs to make checks after 4 successful checks.
  • The Tanners can read and write Narntorni, so one may communicate with them by passing notes in that language.
  • They are also receptive to telepathy.

A failed receive check will result in the next send check failing automatically. Three failed send checks before four successful send checks will cause the Tanners to wave the characters away in frustration.

Comprehend Languages is not useful, because that only applies to written or spoken languages. That spell does not apply to the Tanner sign language.

Characters who achieve for communication successes can come back to the Tanner village every day for a month and practice to learn flawless Tanner sign language. This might be useful: if asked, the Tanners will indicate that other beings in Narntorni also use the sign language.

The Tanner Chieftain offers to take the characters’ skins and make them clean and whole. Assuming the characters decline, they instead invite the party them to a feast.

What the Tanners Want

After a feast of fresh, clean water and jerky, the Tanners will propose a contract written on parchment in the Narntorni written language. A DC10 nature check reveals that the jerky is made out of cow.

This contract states that the Tanners will:

  • Allow the characters unmolested movement through the neighborhood.
  • Buy treasure for 75% of what they can get in the harbor. The Tanners don’t know much about the harbor or the prices the characters are getting, but they think this is a fair price.
  • Award a fantastic treasure to the party. The treasure is enumerated as:
    1. A hoard of gold, silver, and copper coins (239gp worth)
    2. Seven precious stones (350gp worth)
    3. Three unknown potions

In return, the Tanners want:

  • The characters to dispatch the Tanner’s Mistake.
  • The skins of everyone in the party when they die. Astute characters (DC10 arcana) will recognize that the way this is written precludes resurrection. Signing the contract without recognizing this fact will prevent characters from being resurrected. The soul is prevented from re-entering the body. It is notable as they see this as something that they are giving to the characters.
  • The Tanners also want a soul from one member of the party upon death to test for cleanliness and utility. The soul becomes the property of the Tanners to with as they wish.

Concessions that the Tanners are willing to make, upon DC15 social skill rolls (4 allowed before 3 failures):

  1. Bump the purchase price to 90%.
  2. Bump the purchase price to 105% (requires concession 1 first)
  3. Remove the no-resurrection clause
  4. Return the soul after 9 days

After the characters have achieved all concessions or failed, the characters can take or leave the contract.

Tanner Appearance

From a distance, Tanners appear to have a vaguely human size and shape. However, the truth is easily seen when close.

The tanner’s skin is literally embossed leather died in to various shades of brown. They are entirely hairless, as the tanning process removes all hair. Bellies are swollen and faces are puffy. Eyes are painted wooden buttons fastened through the eyelids to keep them closed. Ears are missing, and nostrils are stitched up. Mouths are laced like a shoe or a football, with eyelets pierced through their lips. They are entirely naked.

If someone asks, their genitalia are missing as well, also having been cut out and stitched over.

Tanners are armed with a variety of weapons. Most carry bows and arrows that are entirely made from natural, organic materials. The one exception is the arrowheads, which resemble the business end of a leatherworking awl. Other Tanners carry steel knives also recognizable as leatherworking tools. Some just carry clubs improvised from other things, such as table legs.

The Tanner’s Mistake

You are escorted to a warehouse. The Tanner chieftain gestures at it’s wide double-doors, and leaves. You hear the sound of dozens of babies crying inside.

Upon opening the doors

Waddling out of the darkness are {1, 2, 3} large vaguely humanoid creatures. They are shaped like large infants, and the skin on their heads is made from the faces of many babies. Each baby face is crying. Like the Tanners, their eyes are buttons fastened through their eyelids. They do not attack.

If the mistakes are attacked, they will respond in kind.

Mistakes are re-skinned ogres. Get it? Re-SKINNED? HAHAHAHA. They do not have javelins, just improvised clubs. They have no treasure.

Combat Encounter Size Guidelines

Party Size Number of Mistakes XP Reward per Character
1 1 675
2 1 337
3 1 150
4 2 337
5 2 270
6 3 337
7 3 289

Tanner Skin Hunters

The Skin Hunter party is one Chieftain (a re-skinned druid) plus a party size appropriate number of scouts. For the fight on their way in or out of the neighborhood, all enemy combatants are lying in wait. This fight can be re-used if the party attempts to fight the peaceful Tanners, but this time the Chieftain is out in the open and relatively vulnerable.


Chieftain will Entangle the party, then attempt to use Thunderwave (3@3d8 damage, 3@2d8 damage) to keep them in the zone of death. The Chieftain will also cast Shillelagh on its first turn. The Scouts will use their longbows to kill characters in the entangled area.


In addition to the Chieftain, there are a number of scouts:

Party Size Number of Scouts XP Reward per Character
1 1 1100
2 1 550
3 1 275
4 2 325
5 4 340
6 6 350
7 6 300





  • 366xp per character for communicating long enough to go to the feast
  • 734xp per character for agreeing to the contract and cleaning up the mistakes


Tanner Skinhunters

The equivalent to one long bow and one short sword on each of the Tanner scouts. The staff that the Tanner Chieftain wields is a nigh-worthless stick.

Also, a number of coins:

Tanner Coins
Chieftain 5 pp
Scout 1 15 cp
Scout 2 18 sp
Scout 3 12 ep
Scout 4 11 cp
Scout 5 14 sp
Scout 6 9 gp
Contract Treasure 7 Bloodstones


Maintaining cordial relationship with the Tanners will allow players to create Tanner characters and create urban Druids.

Tanner Village

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