Water Intake and Purification

Purifiers – They are algae that cleanses water of all impurities. They have the attitude of a benevolent god. Through them all life is made possible and they preform this function for the benefit of the city.
Pumpers – Gruffy, Salty, practical. They live to serve the narntornians and are extremely difficult to convince other wise.

Entering the neighbor hood you hear feint whispers in your head. If you are not part plant you can not make any sense of what is being said. If anyone is part plant (through the Grafting Lab) or can speak with plants you can interpret the whispers as pleas of help. They say the entirety of the island is at risk. Every leaf, twig, plant, bulb, root, flower, animal, and human are in danger! The whispers urge you towards the Water Intake and Purification center.

The Water Intake and Treatment center is a rare stone building in the plant covered district. It is on the edge of a cliff looking out onto the ocean. A large pipe, with a few smaller ones, run out of it and down the cliff face, racing towards the water below.

Inside the building everything is covered with a slick algae. Slowly the green goo coalesces into a small humanoid shape. The creature explains that the flow of water into the land beyond this building is only a trickle of what it should be. The great container is dangerously low. The pumpers down below have all but stopped sending up water. The only way the purifiers know how to get down to the pumpers are through the drain pipes. There job is to purify the water so all of the city may use it.

Ways to get to the intake pipe entrance:
Narrow pipes filled with the filtered waste of everything they have cleaned out. Small creature struggles to fit in them. The main is only accessible by liquid creatures. Goes from Purifier to waterline at bottom (downstream of intake pipe)

Following the intake pipe down the cliff

Jumping off the Cliff.

Any way of descending leads to an underwater fight near the entrance of the intake pipe. Some water is always being drawn in and so creatures are around the entrance eager to take advantage of the meals that get stuck while being sucked in.

Underwater Encounter:

(Underwater Combat Rules)

1 Giant Shark (MM 328) CR 5 1800XP

3 Grate Cleaners Chuuls (MM 40) CR 4 1100XP

3 Swarms of Quippers (MM 338) CR 1 200XP

Dolphins (Volo 208) – Friendly Towards Players

Following the water pipe down the cliff it disappears underwater. A pod of dolphins is frantically swimming near by. The pipe entrance is 60’ underwater. There is a 60’ shelf before a underwater cliff that descends into blackness. Near the pipe there is some commotion as a Giant Shark is spotted with clouds of blood around it. Chunks from multiple dolphins are in the water. Swarms of fish are pecking at the meat, and some is even being dragged off by large lobsters. Getting to the intake pipe won’t be easy, as the Giant Shark is still picking off the dolphins that swam to close and are stuck against the grate.

The Dolphins swimming frantically near by are friendly to the players. PCs can attempt an Animal Handling check (DC 10) to grab on and use the swim speed of the dolphin as their movement speed. A PC must have a hand free to do so. The dolphins will not get within 20’ of the Giant Shark or 20’ of the intake pipe entrance. Dolphins will also attempt to assist unconscious or drowning PCs as long as they aren’t near the hazards. Listed above.

The Swarms of Quippers will stay close to the Chuuls and attack anything that they have grabbed. They will also stay around the Giant Shark and attack the most wounded PC closest to the shark. The swarm stays outside of the Hazard area of effect. They swarm does not get sucked in and restrained it just takes the damage component as some of the swarm is sucked inside.

The Giant Shark will attack any PC in range that does not have all it’s hitpoints. If all PCs are unhurt it will randomly target the closest PC. Due to its size it is immune to the hazard.

The Grate Cleaners (Chuuls) will attack anything caught in the grate or anything that hinders its ability to clean the grate. These are Narntorni creatures whose task is to keep the grate clear of debris and detritus. They are immune to the hazard.

The Intake Pipe: Hazard. Getting within 20’ of the intake grate requires are DC 13 Strength or risk being pulled against the grate. Failing this check causes you to be pulled against the grate (2d6 bludgeoning damage) and restrained until you use your action to break free and move outside of the hazards area of effect.

Other Notes: The Giant Shark and Dolphins are only encountered the first time the players see it. If they retreat and come back after a long rest those creatures are removed from the fight.

XP: 5700 (3900 without Giant Shark)
Loot: The Chuuls live in a small cave near the entrance. Inside are lots of bones being cleaned over by sea life. Time spent searching reveals 500gp in assorted coin, gems, and jewelry and a magical chest in pristine condition. That contain TBD.

The Pumpers
To get into the pumping area PCs must travel into the intake pipe. They must remove the grate and get sucked in. They are taken through a short ride before they are stopped in a pitch black chamber half filled with water and looking like a salt mine with crystals growing from the wall. Large, wet, crystalline creatures pick them up and remove them from the pipe. Most of the water is being diverted through another pipe that looks to just be going back towards the ocean. The room appears to be sealed in completely except for a few smaller pipes going up, a 5×5 metallic box that appears to have symbols of sealing on them (anyone who was at the reclamation center knows that these contain the breakdown slimes). Hidden behind heaping mounds of salt crystals is an elevator shaft that brings up the salt for use by people in the city. AOE attacks in the area or DC 20 perception will find it.

A gruff, salty, moist voice echos in the players mind asking why they broke into the pipe. They obviously are not water. Speak or be broken. After the PCs are given a chance to explain themselves and ask why water is not pumping. The larger creatures state that since their are no more Narntornians in the City there is no reason for them to desalinate and pump up the water. They reckon that they were put there by the live Narntornians and everything that was using water was also there because of the Narntornians. With none still alive to make use of their other creations it is best just to stop.

It is hard if not impossible to change their mind through diplomacy. Intimidation and violence will get them to step back in line. Or if some how they get evidence of a living Narntornian.

All creatures from Volos and are made of salt crystals. Fluff as needed
1 Korred CR 7 2900 – 193
3 Tlincalli CR 5 1800 – 168
4 Chromatic Green Guard Drakes – 158

They fight to the death. Upon Death the will regenerate in 1 day and then resume pumping water after being beaten into submission.

Water Intake and Purification

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