Xylomancy District

The Xylomancy district is the home of Carpenters, Weavers, Leather workers, and ship builders. It is the location of the harbor which is the starting point for all expeditions.


Random Encounters

Roll Encounter
20 Swinging Ship
19 Intelligent House Snail
18 Stumped Scavengers
17 Rancid Zombies – needs write up
15-16 Screaming Streets
13-14 Rapunzel Syndrome
11-12 Rival Looters
10 Fractal Houses
9 Tanner Skinhunters- needs write up
7-8 Battle of the Bands
5-6 Twine Spiders
3-4 Living Leather
2 Other District Encounter
≤1 Roll twice

Tiles of Note

Tile CR Adventure Note
1-7 Street 3 Cancerous Shiptree
1-9 Street 3 Canvas Mushroom Defeated on 2/08/2016
1-21 Street 4 Tanner Village Defeated on 2/29/2016
1-4 Under 4 Flooded Warehouses
1-16 Under 1-16 Over 7 Harbor Lighthouse
1-21 Under 4 Tanner Godbody
1-15 Street 3 Rendering Plant
1-13 Under 5 The Rat King
1-22 Street The Government District
1-22 Over 6 Opera house




Special Events

War on the Tanners

If the Tanners are antagonized sufficiently open warfare will break out between the Tanners and the human scavengers. While this persists Random Encounter table results of 12,14, and 16 now result in Tanner Skinhunters . In addition prices in the Xylomancy district are now 50% higher.

To end the war and defeat the Tanners the adventurers must complete the Unite the Factions and Assault on Tannertown quests.

Xylomancy District

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