The Arborspire is a literal mountain of wood. From a distance it looks like an incredibly high tower covered in trees but in truth it is actually a titantic tree. Over a mile in diameter at the base and nearly a mile tall this superorganism is formed from the fusion of a a hundred clonal colonies from dozens of species of trees .This massive structure is punctured by water pipes at several hundred foot intervals up and down it’s length, providing the nourishment that keeps it alive.

The Arborspire was designed to meet a majority of the lumber needs for the city and lends itself to a unique brand of forestry. The wood is harvested via extensive mining tunnels and shoots carved through its mass, different strata along it’s heigh providing different varieties of wood. Once a region of tree is sufficiently riddled with holes it would be boarded up until the tree regenerated itself.

Determining optimal harvest paths, maintain nutrient and water flow to grown regions, and protecting against parasites was a full time job for thousands of staff. A type of industrial lumber production never seen before and never seen again.


A New Grove
Climbing the Spire


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