Grand Aviary


The grand aviary is a series of towers shaped like bird cages. With open designs and wrought-iron frames each cage mimics a different biome and houses different magical birds. The first cage, the Urban Park Cage, can be entered from the building it sits atop, the rest can only be reached by the suspended bridges that connect the cages together.

There are 7 cages.

  1. Urban Park Cage
  2. Night Cage
  3. Day Cage
  4. Waterlands Cage
  5. Desert Cage
  6. Glacier Cage
  7. Palace Cage

Adventure Goals

Reach the Palace cage and collect rare birds. Gain an audience with the Emperor Owl.

Urban Park Cage
The entrance to the aviary. Designed to house a forest with long meandering paths and benches. Filled with common non-magical birds.

Connects to Night Cage, Waterlands Cage, and Day Cage.

Night Cage

Eternally dark with fully enclosed walls this cage houses a humid rainforest. Mist constantly floats in the air, the trees and other plants kept alive by magic in this eternal night.

Houses the Deathsight Kakapo and Rainforest Moa. Along with other tropical and nocturnal birds.

Connects to the Desert Cage.

Day Cage

Eternally daytime with artificial lights that make it a glowing beacon at night.

Connects to the Glacier cage.

Waterlands Cage

Fueled by underground pipes this is a series of artificial swamps and ponds. Abuts the glacier cage but large barriers keep the freezing saltwater separate from the warm freshwater. Waterfalls spill off the sides of these cages to dissipate into mist.

Connects to Glacier cage.

Glacier Cage

Frozen ice and rock with spindly towers of copper house winter species and penguins.

Connects to the Palace Cage

Desert Cage

Built as a series of stacked mesas the ground is heated to keep this a very hot and dry space. Birds love to circle the updrafts caused by the heating system. Ladders connect the different levels of desert and artificial lights keep each layer from shadowing the others.

Home to Shrink Vultures.

Palace Cage

A grand construct of carved stone. Shaped in to a grand complex for birds. A veritable temple with elaborate designs on every surface. Filled with grand baths and perches. Home to the rarest psychic birds such as the Nostalgia Parakeet.

Guarded by 3 enormous Rocs who patrol it day and night. Save when they are seeking tribute in the form of enormous bundles of food from the Kenku or Aarroka which they bring back to distribute amongst their subjects.

These Rocs will capture any meddling adventurers. If they adventurers go willingly the Rocs will present them to the Emperor Owl for judgement. If the adventurers fight back they will drop the meddlers to their deaths.

Grand Aviary

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