Reclamation Center


The Reclamation Center

In the middle of the neighborhood sits a stonework factory. Pipes of all sizes seem to grow out of the building and quickly branch off running to other buildings and other neighborhoods. The brick building looks to be immaculately clean. It stands alone out in the open save for a small shed just next to the open doorway.

Getting close to the building reveals tiny little jellies inching their way along the brick surface. If dirt is kicked on the building a jelly immediately makes its way to it. If peeled off it quickly goes back to the wall. It feels odd to the touch, stinging a little bit and it leaves your fingers dry, and a bit redder.

The shed is a miniature version of the brick building, though lacking all the pipes. It is also immaculately clean and has little jellies inching along the walls. The interior is pristine, except for a padded jumpsuit hanging on the wall. It is covered in a thick layer of dust and It seems that the jellies avoid touching it. The jumpsuit is a full set of padded armor! Knocking the dust off it it reveals a mirror like surface.

“Looking into the open doorframe you notice that the walls are 10’ thick, the pipes emerging from the building obviously hiding beneath the brick red surface. Inside reveals large floor to ceiling tanks in each corner of the room. On either side of the room there are a set of stairs that lead up to a catwalk that runs along most of the wall, allowing access to the tanks. There are two tanks 5’ wide iin close proximity to the stairs, and a big 20×15’ basin in the middle of the room. Just behind it you can make out what appears to be a room protruding from the back wall. Each of tank has two doors on it at the level of the catwalk while the other basins all have large, easily accessible doors. Each door is the same, except for its size. They are made of a highly reflective metal, similar to the jumpsuit, arcane runes are etched all over the door, and the glimpses of the locking mechanism looks completely alien to you. (Inspecting the runes shows similarities to abjuration magic)

Upon entering the room a siren begins to sound, the room darkens and red lights begin to glow. A voice in Narntorni echos from the room in the back. “Unknown entry detected. Initiate decontamination protocols. Element discovery procedures initiated.” Immediately the tiny oozes that were covering the outside and inside of the building begin to converge on the open doorway. They begin to join together at the edges slowly forming a barrier.

Light: Bright light
8 Gray Oozes, 2 from each tank in corners. 2 come from random tank every on 4th round starting at 2 (2, 6, 10…)
2 Ochre Jellies, 1 from each smaller basin. 1 comes from random basin on round 3 and every 3rd round (3, 6, 9…)
1 Black Pudding. Comes from largest basin – 1 comes from main basin on every 4th round starting at 4 (4, 8, 12…)

Stemming the flow. Takes an action to close an open door. No skill check needed. Bonus action to close open door, requires skill check DC 15 to succeed. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, or Intelligence

Sealing the door – tiny jellies start to seal the entry way. It takes 3 round. Any reasonable action to displace large amounts of jellies slows it by 1 round.

End of Round actions
1 – tiny jellies close seal door ⅓ of the way
2 – 2 random gray oozes spawn from corner tanks, tiny jellies seal door ⅔ of the way
3 – 1 random ochre jelly from small basin. Tiny jellies seal door completely.
4 – Black pudding spawn
6 – 2 gray ooze and 1 ochre jelly spawn
9 – ochre jelly
10 – 2 gray ooze
12 – black pudding

Once the doors have been shut on and the last of the oozes slain players are free to explore. The door to the room in the back is also covered in runes, though these runes are the containment runes that are on the insides of the tank doors. It is only a matter of time to get into the room.

The room looks to be part control room, and part collection room. A long dead humanoid skeleton sits in a chair in front of the control panel, and a few smaller pipes end just over trays along the back wall of the room. Large hunks of copper, silver, gold, and platnium sit in the over flowing trays. There are a few other trays along the wall containing:

14lb hunk of copper – 700cp
140lb hunk of silver – 7000 sp
42 lb hunk of gold – 2100 gp
2 lb hunk of platinum – 20 pp
1200g in assorted gemstones
20 magical +1 sling bullets

3rd level narntorni rune fragment – can trade in for any scroll of 3rd level or lower at Harbor District.

2800/# of PCs
1100 bp
800 go
900 oj

Players Black Pudding Ochre Jelly Gray Ooze XP per
3 1 1 1 xxxx
4 1 2 2 xxxx
5 1 2 3 xxxx
6 1 3 4 xxxx
7 1 4 5 xxxx

Reclamation Center

Narntorni Limond