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What is Narntorni?

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We played a game of Microscope on January 5th, 2016 to establish an outline for the history of Narntorni, pre-dome.

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Where do we begin?

The first place the player characters visit is The Harbor. Initially it’s populated by just the PC group and their faction, but it is quickly filled with other visitors.

Eleven Districts of Narntorni

Narntorni is separated into eleven districts, each of which based around one of the Eleven Schools of Magic.

Xylomancy District: Wood, leather, fabric, grease; Natural products worked by the hands of man
Lithomancy District: Stone, metal, glass, pottery; The products of the earth
Botomancy District: Plants
Zoomancy District: Animals
Bibliomancy District: The greatest library the world has ever seen.
Technomancy District:
Stolemancy District: Fashion
Lavemancy District: Baths. And hedonism
Nomismancy District: Money
Plebomancy District: Blood magic

Beneath Narntorni

Underneath Narntorni there is an extensive undercity and sewer system that has been claimed by the Oubliette. Providing numerous shortcuts to various parts of the city it is populated by creatures and magics from all the districts. The strange energies below warp the minds of those who linger too long.

Eleven Schools of Magic

Over time, Narntorni evolved Eleven Schools of Magic oriented around craft and trade rather than source and effect. Only one, Bibliomancy, escaped the apocalypse of the Pearl Dome and became the progenitor of erudite Wizard magic. However, many effects of the others can be felt in the present game time, as well.

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